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The Software for Financial Planning, Controlling, and Reporting for Non-Profit Projects.


  FundsPro® sets a new standard for transparency, sustainability and effectiveness in aid projects. The software facilitates financial project planning, controlling, accounting and reporting. Its functions are perfectly adjusted to the needs of aid organizations, which saves time, resources and administrative overhead. These resources are saved for what matters most: helping!


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Starting with the initial planning steps all the way to the final reports, FundsPro® is the ideal software for the implementation of aid projects. 

Cyclones in the Philippines, earthquakes in Peru, refugee assistance in and around Syria – only 3 sectors of many more – where you as non-profit organisation take over responsibility for short-term humanitarian aid, or in the context of development cooperation provide long-term support.

FundsPro® supports your response to the situation – we help you help.

 You – as an organisation or institution – have a concrete idea to react to the situation. First steps are developed together with your local project partner.

FundsPro® accompanies you from the start with an efficient structure for the upcoming project.

To receive public-funds from donors, you must meet the requirements of the funding agencies completely. FundsPro® supports the project planning and application for funds by providing predefined standards in the respective donor format. This ensures efficiency and time savings.

 FundsPro® actively supports you in all planning steps - especially in the interaction with your project partners in the field.

It starts, your project has been approved and is now being implemented. Many operational measures must be designed and kept in mind. Perfect coordination between the project partners is a crucial factor to overall project success.

With FundsPro® you design the complete implementation - document entry in the field, monitoring, controlling and reporting are no time-consuming tasks anymore – thanks to FundsPro®. All project participants are continuously informed about the project status and able to respond quickly to developments. Interim reports or amendments are made on time.

After the set period, the project activities have been completed. Towards the donors you have to provide proof of the use of funds entrusted to you within a specified period.

You create reports at your fingertips using FundsPro®. All transactions, documents and records of the project are properly documented and are shown in the desired format of the donors. With FundsPro® you significantly reduce the time required for creating final reports - time that can be used for new projects.

 Learn how you can benefit from FundsPro® with your organisation.

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FundsPro® has many helpful and time-saving features and is the effective tool any project manager is looking for.
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Know what is needed when & where. Whether employees, material or funds - with FundsPro® you know your requirements. All parties have access to all relevant information in a uniform format at all times - this provides clarity and transparency.


Regardless of local conditions, FundsPro<font size="2">® </font>is fully operational and proves to be an effective tool for active project bookkeeping. Proper accounting is ensured whether or not Internet is available.


 All FundsPro® features are fully available online and offline. The headquarter and the field operate on the same level. Many languages ​​are available in the system for worldwide use.


Intuitive use, logical workflows and automated reports save precious time. For planning, approval and reporting, donor formats and guidelines are the basis in FundsPro®. Complex reports are automatically generated in donor specific formats and rework is unnecessary.

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Various organizational areas benefit from FundsPro®. Whether optimized grant management, online / offline availability or efficient process management - FundsPro® is the ideal tool.


  • All the necessary information at hand for optimal grant management and dialogue with your partners and donors
  • Excellent liquidity management covering all relevant organizational areas
  • Genuine Fund Accounting by integrable donations management
  • Strengthening the organization-wide controlling
  • Adding the project or field component to the existing ERP structure


  • Systematic and structured exchange of information - work efficiently with all partners and donors
  • Project controlling in „real-time“
  • Optimal linkage between project content and project finance - no isolated solutions necessary
  • Reporting effort is reduced drastically – deadlines are met
  • Improved reputation among partners and donors through quality reporting

FundsPro® meets the needs of humanitarian aid organizations perfectly - no matter the organization's size or area of operation. 

FundsPro® guarantees optimized functions for the entire process of a project. All functions are available online and offline, and simplify the work steps for all users considerably.


Planning projects in FundsPro® is fast, effective, accurate and based on donor rules. An ergonomic wizard and predefined templates allow you to quickly build project plans based on donor structures and guidelines.

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Grant Management

Simplified application for funds and automated project structures for different donors.

Procurement plans and activity overviews for implementation partners are created at the push of a button. Scheduling for projects enables activity and milestone scheduling with automatic notifications via e-mail.

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Monitoring and Controlling

FundsPro® has extensive monitoring and controlling functions. Identical and complete information is available anytime, anywhere for all project participants. All available documents are considered and displayed in a consistent and comparable format to guarantee effective monitoring increasing responsiveness and budget control.

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Reporting and Proof

 FundsPro® makes reporting safe and efficient with automated processes. It generates reports automatically in donor specific formats. The integrated dual-control principle ensures that only double-checked documents are included in the reports.

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Straightforward currency handling with flexible settings. Up to 4 different currency types with adjustable conversion rates can be included per project in FundsPro®. From contract and local currency to reporting and transaction currency.

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Working with FundsPro® saves time and is reliable due to automates processes. All relevant functional areas, such as log-frame and budget planning have been refined with automated functions that are based on donor guidelines and requirements. Time consuming rework is reduced and complete and accurate reporting against consortium partners and donors is secure.

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FundsPro® reduces administrative expenses and helps plan, utilize and report donations accurately and effectively.

To help your organization take full advantage of the many benefits of FundsPro®, we also offer various product packages. Make your choice based on size, structure and existing IT system architecture.


FundsPro® is the ideal solution for financial project planning, control, and reporting of non-profit projects of all kinds. The vast array of well-thought through and perfectly adjusted functions make FundsPro® unique and very useful. Full offline availability makes an internet connection in the field unnecessary. Fast installation and commissioning provide direct benefits, even for subregions.  

Many attractive price models allow aid organizations of all sizes to benefit from FundsPro®.

Get in contact with us and receive your personal offer. We are happy to support you. 

Funktionen von FundsPro Flex

Enthaltene Funktionen:

Bis zu 5 User und 20 aktive Projekte
Versionierte Projektplanung & Bewilligung
Zentrale Projektbuchhaltung
Internes und Externes Rechnungswesen
Einkauf mit Genehmigungsworkflow
Projekt- und Budgettemplates (BMZ, AA, ECHO, EU, GIZ und andere)
Geberverwaltung & Regionsverwaltung
Budgetierung & Bewirtschaften
Buchungsassistent mit 4-Augen Prinzip
Monitoring & Controlling
Excel Exporte, Mehrsprachigkeit

*ERP-Lizenzen müssen einmalig erworben werden. Zusätzlich muss ein Server bzw. ein Hosting durch den Kunden bereitgestellt werden.
Die Laufzeit für FundsPro Flex beträgt mindestens 48 Monate, danach monatlich kündbar. 

FundsPro® flex eignet sich ideal für kleine und mittlere Organisationen mit dem vollen Funktionsumfang der „Großen“.

 FundsPro® flex bestellen

FundsPro flex
Der Einstieg ab 395,-€ / Monat*

Cloud Version von FundsPro® (SaaS) – mit definierter Projektlaufzeit.

Genießen Sie die Vorteile von FundsPro® mit größtmöglicher Flexibilität. Nutzen Sie die Vorteile von FundsPro® schnell und unkompliziert, frei von aufwändigem Set-up. Mit FundsPro® flex können Sie Projekte mit dem Komfort von bestehenden Templates planen, budgetieren und abrechnen. Besonders komplexe Projekte mit mehreren öffentlichen Gebern bewirtschaften Sie mit FundsPro® flex mit Sicherheit und Präzision. Steuern Sie Ihre komplette Finanzbuchhaltung inkl. Rechnungswesen, Anlagenbuchhaltung, Datev-Integration und vielen weiteren Möglichkeiten! Mit dem dazu passenden modernen ERP-System werden alle Anforderungen Ihrer Organisation perfekt gelöst. 

Managen Sie komplexe Projekt Settings mit der Technik der Großen.

FundsPro® flex bestellen 

as SAP Business Add-In

FundsPro® serves as turnkey SAP business add-in and is ready for process integration with your SAP ECC & SAP Business One system.

It is fully integrated with the financial capabilities of SAP ERP Financials with the FI modules (Financials) and PS (Project System).

With FundsPro®, the specific requirements of aid organizations are met for the financial functions of SAP and existing procedures can continue to be used without any additional overhead.


as ERP Integration

FundsPro® can easily be integrated into your existing system architecture (ERP software) thanks to its modular structure.

The implementation effort and costs are thus reduced to a minimum. Depending on the system, FundsPro® integrates seamlessly into your processes, ensuring consistent workflows and sustained ease of work.

In case an integration is not required or desired, data can be passed to the existing system via an output function.

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